Ugly Imus, ugly black women and nappy headed hos

Don Imusuglyrutgers.jpg   Poor poor poor Don Imus.  Woe is Don Imus.   Everyone was out to get him, especially “you people” as he told black radio host and activist Al Sharpton.   Every single profession without exception has rules and norms that you must abide by.   The commissioner made that very point this week in the NFL.

“We hold ourselves to higher standards of responsible conduct because of what it means to be part of the National Football League. We have long had policies and programs designed to encourage responsible behavior, and this policy is a further step in ensuring that everyone who is part of the NFL meets that standard. We will continue to review the policy and modify it as warranted.”

The NFL already is beginning to realize and maybe Don Imus now should too, that this is a business.  Sure, you may can make money doing some things that you like to do, but at the end of the day, this is a business and you cannot do anything ever that affects that bottom line or proves embarrassing to the business and Don Imus did just that.    Good riddance Don Imus.


After watching 60 minutes this evening.  I decided to add more to my post.    

uglyimus1.jpgThis man is totally classless.   Can’t believe he blows his nasty snotty ass nose right there live on tv and the radio.   It shows he just has no taste.    He called the first lady a tramp, used the term ‘nigger jokes’ to a 60 minute producer and has alledgedly made antisemitic and racist rants in the past.   None of this surprises me.   The man is obviously a white know it all asshole who appeals to a certain segment of the white population of America that secretly likes to hear antiblack, antiminority, antifemale jokes.       And that’s fine.   But, you can not do it on public airwaves and those type of comments cant be supported by advertisers.   Being funny is not always good business.


The term nappy headed hos I admit did not make me wince or flinch or draw immediate repugnancy.  It was inappropiate I felt, but I did not find it inherently racist, even though it was insulting.   After talking to a black female friend she explained that black women take a lot of pride and effort in making sure their hair looks nice and is always “done” for lack of a better word.  And any insult dealing with their hair regardless of who makes it, is very insulting for them.  They never want to have the “worst hair” and in the black community the “worse hair” is normally hair that is unkept or natural or the nickname for natural,  NAPPY!      Why can’t white men use the term nappy?  I don’t know.  I dont think its fair though.   It’s nothing but a descriptive term dealing with hair.   I think it’s allowed.   I have seen black parents daily tell their kids male and female don’t go out of the house with your hair nappy.   It’s just a description.       Now Ho’s, a ho or hore (whore) that term is universally known to be a very loose woman or a overly sexual woman who sleeps with whomever.     That term was inappropriate and uncalled for.     That term was uncalled for not only because it’s not true, but because black women are the future of America.   They are leaving high school for college in the highest rates of any ethnic subgroup including white men.   Their income is rising faster than any other minority group as well.   They are the future.   Take a look at the last 10 years.  See Oprah, Condeleeza, etc etc    Go to your graduate schools and tell me who you see attending college in larger and larger numbers.     Now with that said.   The Rutgers girls basketball team is ugly.  And I do mean ugly.  Don Imus can’t say it, but I can say it.  They are gruesome!     I wouldn’t let any of them even touch my genitals if they begged to.   They aren’t necessarily masculine looking as much as they are just not attractive period.    Please click on the name of any of them and you can see what I’m talking about.

Don Imus shouldve just called them ugly and left it at that.    No one would’ve argued with him.



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DC gun law finally repealed. Defeat for Adrian Fenty and the rest of the fags

Thank you Court of Appeals!!!!   Finally us black males are finally going to enjoy the rights that men of other races in other states enjoy constantly.  Ability to protect ourselves.   Being a black male, I am the most frequent victim of violence, assaults, murders, robbery, carjacking in DC and the ability to now be able to protect myself is extremely refreshing.   Thank you!   Also thanks to all the Republicans in congress for trying to make the law permanent.    It is long overdue.

 Naturally, Adrian Fenty and all the rest of the soft ass gay male DC politicians are saying that they still going to enforce the old law.    Ummm Adriana, isnt that illegal?      Shouldnt you have to respect the law even when you dont agree with it just like the rest of us?  Or do we only have to obey the laws we like too?   Adriana should take the high road and embrace this welcome change.    

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Tim Hardaway is member of the religious right

Why is it that whenever a black person makes a statement, the kind of statement that Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh and others routinely make saying that being gay is wrong that he is raked over the coals.   As an individual in this country he has the right to say whatever he wants, popular, unpopular or whatever.   Yet when he does, he gets raked over the coals.   Conservative commentators routinely voice these same remarks and yet never receive the furor that a black man receives.   Why do we have a double standard in this country when it comes to the rights of a african-americans and speech?

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Child hit by car in DC

Adrian Fenty as usual showed up at the crime scene where a woman ran over a 6 year old DC public school child and proclaimed that he was going to immediately launch an investigation.  WOW.  Thanks Mr. Mayor.  Let me guess what your recommendations will be?  More stop signs, more speed bumps.  Yeah, I’m sure that will prevent kids from every getting killed in DC.  Please come up with real solutions or just keep your mouth shut.   May the 6 year old rest in peace and may politicians come up with real solutions instead of just lip service.

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Adrian Fenty first 40 days = misery

Dear Adrian Fenty,

You were a brilliant campaigner.  You shook hands with everyone in DC, all the while making promises….YIPPEE!!   Unforntunately it is very apparent now that he only thing that you are delivering is ineptitude.     It snowed last Tuesday, you didn’t plow my street.  Wednesday you had not either.  Thursday nothing, and now it’s been a full 7 days and my street is just as icey as it was the first day after the storm.  No snowplow, no sand, just a miserable miserable street and a miserable job by your administration.    I don’t care about all the great things you are doing to supposedly ban certain types of music.  I’m sure your white constituents may be impressed by that.   As a black man who is just trying to get to work and support my family, slipping and sliding down a street and trying to park without crashing into other cars due to the ice is not my idea of fun or you doing a good job.  Hey, next time before you hold a press conference send the snow plows down every single street in DC at least once.  If not on day one, day two, day 5, at least by day 7.   Thanks.  

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The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business

151.jpgThe Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture by John Battelle

Just finished reading “The Search: How Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business and transformed our culture”.   Pretty decent read, way too much about the computer side of it and not enough about the individuals who developed, created, and put it all together.    He also uses way too much unneeded profanity.  Not sure of his intention with the cusswords, but it was definitely un needed and detracted from the work’s professionalism. 

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Super Bowl choice of Prince

While I’m not going to take anything away from his purple highness seeing that I am a fan.  I did find his phallic symbolizing performance to be a bit dull, uninspired and predictable.   It was good seeing the Florida A&M band get some tv time during the most watchd event in the world, but the overall halftime show was lacking.   Why didn’t Prince wear purple?  What was up with the Tupac scarf around his head?    How does he get this gig yet does not have a new album out or even play any song made within the last 20 years during the performance?    Who was that God awful ugly woman singing with him?   What was the purpose of those backup dancers?   They looked like they should’ve been passing out shots at a club instead of backing up a legend like Prince.

Yes I did like the Justin Timberlake Janet Jackson performance much better.  Justin had the #1 song, Janet had a new album coming out, and Justin’s song was fresh and catchy.   All things missing from this years half time show.

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