Super Bowl choice of Prince

February 5, 2007 at 2:58 am Leave a comment

While I’m not going to take anything away from his purple highness seeing that I am a fan.  I did find his phallic symbolizing performance to be a bit dull, uninspired and predictable.   It was good seeing the Florida A&M band get some tv time during the most watchd event in the world, but the overall halftime show was lacking.   Why didn’t Prince wear purple?  What was up with the Tupac scarf around his head?    How does he get this gig yet does not have a new album out or even play any song made within the last 20 years during the performance?    Who was that God awful ugly woman singing with him?   What was the purpose of those backup dancers?   They looked like they should’ve been passing out shots at a club instead of backing up a legend like Prince.

Yes I did like the Justin Timberlake Janet Jackson performance much better.  Justin had the #1 song, Janet had a new album coming out, and Justin’s song was fresh and catchy.   All things missing from this years half time show.


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