Adrian Fenty first 40 days = misery

February 20, 2007 at 5:13 am Leave a comment

Dear Adrian Fenty,

You were a brilliant campaigner.  You shook hands with everyone in DC, all the while making promises….YIPPEE!!   Unforntunately it is very apparent now that he only thing that you are delivering is ineptitude.     It snowed last Tuesday, you didn’t plow my street.  Wednesday you had not either.  Thursday nothing, and now it’s been a full 7 days and my street is just as icey as it was the first day after the storm.  No snowplow, no sand, just a miserable miserable street and a miserable job by your administration.    I don’t care about all the great things you are doing to supposedly ban certain types of music.  I’m sure your white constituents may be impressed by that.   As a black man who is just trying to get to work and support my family, slipping and sliding down a street and trying to park without crashing into other cars due to the ice is not my idea of fun or you doing a good job.  Hey, next time before you hold a press conference send the snow plows down every single street in DC at least once.  If not on day one, day two, day 5, at least by day 7.   Thanks.  


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