DC gun law finally repealed. Defeat for Adrian Fenty and the rest of the fags

March 28, 2007 at 3:06 am Leave a comment

Thank you Court of Appeals!!!!   Finally us black males are finally going to enjoy the rights that men of other races in other states enjoy constantly.  Ability to protect ourselves.   Being a black male, I am the most frequent victim of violence, assaults, murders, robbery, carjacking in DC and the ability to now be able to protect myself is extremely refreshing.   Thank you!   Also thanks to all the Republicans in congress for trying to make the law permanent.    It is long overdue.

 Naturally, Adrian Fenty and all the rest of the soft ass gay male DC politicians are saying that they still going to enforce the old law.    Ummm Adriana, isnt that illegal?      Shouldnt you have to respect the law even when you dont agree with it just like the rest of us?  Or do we only have to obey the laws we like too?   Adriana should take the high road and embrace this welcome change.    


Entry filed under: 2nd amendment, adrain fenty, gun, gun law, gun rights, Supreme Court.

Tim Hardaway is member of the religious right Ugly Imus, ugly black women and nappy headed hos

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